Lessons from history - the book of Judges

2nd August 2020        Youth Minister Isaac speaks on Judges 21
What were they thinking?

26th July 2020            Youth Minister Isaac speaks on Judges 19-20
The consequences of turning a blind eye

19th July 2020
            Pastor Stephen speaks on Judges 13 - 16
The story of Samson

12th July 2020           Pastor Stephen speaks on Judges 9
God's justice will prevail

5th July 2020             Youth Minister Isaac speaks on Judges 7
God's call to action (pt 2)

27th June 2020:        Sister Joycelyn speaks on Judges 6
God's call to action

21st June 2020:        Pastor William speaks on Judges 3: 1 - 30
A rebellious people and a merciful God

14th June 2020:
        Pastor Stephen speaks on Judges 2: 6 - 23: 
Haven’t we forgotten something (When a new generation doesn’t know God)

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BU Prayer Sunday

Sunday 19th July 2020
7.00 pm


Wednesday 15th July 2020
7.00 pm 

George Floyd

Baptist Union of Great Britain: George Floyd: responses