BMS Birthday Scheme 

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Edmonton Baptist Church support the work of the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) by being part of the BMS Birthday Scheme. 

Many of us will probably live to a ripe old age, but elsewhere in the world, living to see your 40th or 50th birthday is much less likely because of poor healthcare, desperate living conditions and grinding poverty. Anyone, young or old can join the Birthday Scheme. On their birthday, members are sent a BMS birthday card by their church Birthday Scheme Secretary, along with a gift envelope which they use to make a donation which will be forwarded to BMS. 

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If you would like to actively share in world mission by celebrating your birthday in this way, please speak to the BMS Secretary, Lynn Dunkley, or Richard Dunkley, or contact the Church office and you will be signed up. Gifts can be gift aided if you are a taxpayer, which will add an extra 25% to your gift.

To find out more about the BMS Scheme, and see examples of how the gifts are used, see their website.   



 "Share with God's people who are in need." Romans chapter 12, verse 13


John Knightley, 07/10/2019