Young Adults

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“YAM” is short for Young Adults Meeting. We are a group of 18 – 30 year-olds who gather together weekly for Bible Study. You are welcome to attend. We meet on Thursdays between 8:00pm - 10:00pm (other than when there is a Church Meeting – see our calendar) but take a break during the summer and Christmas holidays.

Our aim is to uncover the word of God through bible studies and topical conversations. We often invite guest speakers to host a session and give an alternative perspective on how they approach and interpret scenarios. 

We also hold social events for attendees; this can include meals, bowling & games night, plus anything else people would like to do.

We go out and evangelise in Edmonton Green on a bi-monthly basis; this is an opportunity for us to share what we've learnt as a group and do our best to impact our community in a positive way. 

Four special events are held each year, a worship night, an “Open Mic” night, a Summer Residential trip away and an End of Year dinner party. 

Our motto is: “Called to be different.”

YAM social media accounts:

Twitter: YAMBibleStudy

Instagram: yambiblestudygroup