Sunday Club 

We all meet together at 11:00am as a family for a time of worship before the children leave to go to their age-related groups. These finish at the same time as the main service, around 12:15pm.

On the 3rd Sunday of each month we hold Communion, and the young people go to their groups from the start of the service. Once a month, usually on the last Sunday, the service is "All-In" and the young people stay in for the whole service, which has an appropriate focus and young people may assist in the worship and bringing the message.

Lower Discoverers

School Years 7 to 9 (age 11 to 14)
The Hall

We encourage the young people in this group to explore what it means to have a personal faith and consider the responsibilities placed on us if we choose to follow Jesus.

Using teaching tools such as creative activities, drama and small group discussion, we aim to teach how the Bible is still relevant today, what it tells us about living as a Christian, what it teaches us about God's personality and what he asks of us.

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Upper Discoverers

School Years 10 to 13 (age 14-18)
Conference Room (upstairs)

This group are growing in maturity, many coming to church independently of their parents. We seek to build them up in their faith, encouraging a meaningful prayer life, and helping them to answer difficult questions and develop their own thinking, based on a biblical foundation.

We encourage young people to consider Baptism and have no absolute minimum age when this might be, it is a bout an individual's relationship with God, and their acceptance of what Jesus has done for them.

John Knightley, 19/10/2019