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In different parts of the gospel we are instructed by Jesus to go and make disciples, and to continue the works that He started (Matthew chapter 28, verses 19 to 20; Mark chapter 16, verses 15 to 16; Luke chapter 24, verses 45 to 49; John chapter 20, verse 21). That is what we must do as followers of Jesus.

In the Lord’s Prayer we proclaim: “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” This demands that as we strive to fulfil the instruction Jesus’ left us, we are to denounce everything that is incompatible with the Kingdom of God! Such as destructive violence, injustice, political corruption, any form of exploitation of people and of the earth.

Declaring that Christ is Lord over all encompasses the idea that He is Lord over both the public and private spheres, local and global. Alongside this declaration, we are to demonstrate it, as Jesus did not just proclaim, but He cured the sick, fed the hungry and raised people from the dead. We are called to do the same, and this means to integrate word and deed in this age of ours.


Edmonton Baptist Church is involved in different ministries which are engaging in God’s work on a local basis. This includes our Step by Step Club for the homeless, the Pre-School, MUMMS group, the Luncheon Club, and English Classes which we have commenced recently.  


On this level, we have partnered with different organisations and offer our continual support. These organisations include Teen Challenge, Street Pastors and Samaritan’s Purse UK. Alongside this type of work, we consistently pray for our leaders and for our nation. We are always on the lookout for opportunities where we as a church can have an impact on a national scale.


As a church we feel privileged to be able to contribute to what God is doing in other countries. As a Baptist church we help our family mission organisation, which is BMS (Baptist Missionary Society). In addition to this, we have a close relationship with Jews for Jesus, who relentlessly pursue God’s plan for the salvation of the Jewish people. We, like many other churches, also contribute to Christian Aid, which we know does amazing work in fighting global poverty.

One more aspect of mission which we at Edmonton participate in is keeping in mind the environment and the less fortunate when we purchase different products. It may seem like it is not relevant to God's mission, but as we have said earlier, different types of exploitation of people and of the earth is not a part of the Kingdom of God, and we should stand against it!



John Knightley, 15/10/2019